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Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil "Gold Series" - Cantabrian Fish, Octavillo 48gr

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The Anchovy "Gold Series" from Conservas Emilia is made with the best fish selected in the spring season and caught in the Cantabrian Sea. An anchovy of the highest quality, with just the right amount of salt and made with the greatest care by our artisans.

The Cantabrian Anchovy "ORO Series" won the award for the "Best Anchovy in the Tasting of 2019" carried out by the Cantabrian Anchovy Brotherhood.

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Net weight: 48 gr. Drained weight: 29 gr.

Semiconserve: Keep between 5º and 12º.

Ingredients: Anchovies, olive oil and salt.

Allergens: Fish.

Expiration: 7 months from manufacture.

Presentation: Case.

Reference: 19

Nutritional information

(average value per 100 g of drained weight)

Energy value 747 kJ / 179 kcal

Fat 10.2 gr.

            of which saturated 2.2 gr.

Carbohydrates 0 gr.

            of which sugars 0 gr.

Proteins 21.1 gr.

Salt 9.4 gr.


(valor medio por 100 gr. de peso escurrido)
  • Valor energético 747 kJ / 179 kcal
  • Grasas 10.2 gr.

            de las cuales saturadas 2.2 gr.

  • Hidratos de carbono 0 gr.

            de los cuales azúcares 0 gr.

  • Proteínas 21.1 gr.
  • Sal 9,4 gr.
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