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Quesada Pasiega

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The Quesada Pasiega is a typical sweet from the Pasiegos Valleys of Cantabria. It is a soft dough with a color between white and yellow with a toasted surface, it has a slight smell of curdled milk, lemon and cinnamon.
Its texture is dense, juicy and with a mild flavor.

Net weight: 450 gr.

Ingredients: Milk, egg, sugar, wheat flour, butter, impeller (E-500), lemon, cinnamon, salt and rennet.

Allergens: Dairy, egg and gluten

Expiration: 60 days

Presentation: In a case, served on a vacuum tray.

Nutritional information

(average value per 100 gr.)

Energy value 900 kJ / 215 kcal

Fats 9.34 gr.

            of which saturated 6.3 gr.

Carbohydrates 25.91 gr.

            of which sugars 19.19 gr.

Proteins 6.32 gr.

Insoluble dietary fiber 0.86 gr.

Sal 0,54 gr.



(valor medio por 100 gr. de peso escurrido)
  • Valor energético 262 kJ / 62 kcal
  • Grasas 0,922 gr.

            de las cuales saturadas 0 gr.

  • Hidratos de carbono 0 gr.

            de los cuales azúcares 0 gr.

  • Proteínas 13,03 gr.
  • Sal* 1,10 gr.

         *El contenido sal obedece exclusivamente al sodio presente de forma natural en el alimento.

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