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White tuna in pickled sauce jar 225gr.

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A partir de la sexta unidad 3% de descuento y de la duodécima unidad el 5% en el producto.


From the sixth unit 3% discount and the twelfth unit 5% on the product. Discount combinable with Bonito del Norte jar in olive oil 225 gr.

White tuna captured during the coast in the Cantabrian Sea. Elaborated from Way Artisanal and pickled preserved.

Neto Weight: 225 gr. Drained weight: 150 gr.

Ingredients: Nice, vinegar, olive oil and salt.

Allergens: Fish.

Expiration: 3 Years from manufacture.

Presentation: Glass jar.

Reference: 21

Nutritional information

(average value per 100 gr. Drained weight)

Energy value 880 kJ / 210 kcal

Fats 11 gr.

of which saturated 4.7 gr.

Carbohydrates 0 gr.

of which sugars 0 gr.

Proteins 27 gr.

Sal 1,3gr.


(valor medio por 100 gr. de peso escurrido)
  • Valor energético 880 kJ / 210 kcal
  • Grasas 11 gr.

            de las cuales saturadas 4,7 gr.

  • Hidratos de carbono 0 gr.

            de los cuales azúcares 0 gr.

  • Proteínas 27 gr.
  • Sal 1,3gr.
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