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Octopus cooked on its own in its own juice

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Octopus cooked in its own juice, vacuum and 100% natural without any additives.

Prepared to heat and serve, it can be boiled for 5 minutes inside the bag, prepared Galician style and heated in the microwave, on the grill or even on the grill. 

It is served in various weights, you must choose the desired one.

Ingredients: Octopus

Keep between: 4 and 7 ºC

Allergens: Mollusk

Expiration: 6 months from manufacture

Reference: 920

Nutritional information

(average value per 100 g of drained weight)

Energy value 262 kJ / 62 kcal

Fat 0.922 gr.

            of which saturated 0 gr.

Carbohydrates 0 gr.

            of which sugars 0 gr.

Proteins 13.03 gr.

Salt * 1.10 gr.

         * The salt content is due exclusively to the sodium naturally present in the food.


(valor medio por 100 gr. de peso escurrido)
  • Valor energético 262 kJ / 62 kcal
  • Grasas 0,922 gr.

            de las cuales saturadas 0 gr.

  • Hidratos de carbono 0 gr.

            de los cuales azúcares 0 gr.

  • Proteínas 13,03 gr.
  • Sal* 1,10 gr.

*El contenido sal obedece exclusivamente al sodio
presente de forma natural en el alimento.

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